Gina Gomez

Shared Visions Pre-School Associate


Sylvia Welchans

Shared Visions Pre-School Teacher



2014-15 will be my fourteenth year as a teacher and I have been lucky to spend every one of those years teaching preschool at McKinley Elementary. I've also done some teaching in summer school to second graders in the past. There is no doubt that teaching is my passion and I love all the reading, singing, dancing, acting, using technology and playing we do in our classroom. It is wonderful and amazing to see how much learning takes place during our nine months together!

My education path took me to Iowa State University where I earned my Bachelor’s degree and also became a dedicated Cyclones fan. I am married and the proud mother of an amazing seven year-old daughter. We enjoy reading books together, crafting, playing in the park and cooking together. Come in and introduce yourself next time you're at McKinley!


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