Special Assignments

Jill Alessio

Gifted & Talented Teacher

E: jill.alessio@dmschools.org

Doug Bown

Orchestra Teacher

P: 515-242-8423 | E: douglas.bown@dmschools.org

Tina Clark

Library Associate

E: maria.clark@dmschools.org

Jenna Connolly

K-3 Reading Interventionist

E: jenna.connolly@dmschools.org

Molly Girsch

Before- and After-School Supervisor

E: molly.girsch@dmschools.org

Sarah Grady


P: 515-242-8423 | E: Sarah.Grady@dmschools.org

Susan Guess


E: susan.guess@dmschools.org

Donna Heard

Metro Kids Child Care

E: donna.heard@dmschools.org

Pamela Heard

Chief Engineer

E: pamela.heard@dmschools.org

Erin Holstrom

Instructional Coach & Interventionist

E: erin.holstrom@dmschools.org


Greetings! My name is Erin Holstrom. During my 16.5 years at McKinley, I have worn many hats. I started my career in education as a Title 1 Math and Reading Teacher. Then I became a Math Leader for the building. After that I taught 3rd grade for 8 years and I currently work as a TLC Instructional Coach and Interventionist. I have a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Reading from the University of Northern Iowa.

While teaching 3rd grade, I attended Drake University and earned a Master's degree in Effective Teaching with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction. Education is very important to me as is building relationships with students, families, and the people I work with. I love being at McKinley and feel blessed to work with wonderful students, parents, and staff!

I am married and have one child. In my free time I enjoy shopping, watching movies, reading, spending time with family and friends, and cleaning/organizing.

Linley Houser

Guidance Counselor

E: linley.houser@dmschools.org

Stephanie Hudson

Instructional Coach

E: stephanie.hudson@dmschools.org

Tracy Kennedy

Title I Teacher

E: tracy.kennedy@dmschools.org

Ryan McNulty

Band Teacher

E: ryan.mcnulty@dmschools.org

Lori Perkins-Detrick

Title I Teacher

E: lori.perkins-detrick@dmschools.org

Jennifer Rico

ELL Teacher

E: jennifer.rico@dmschools.org

Brent Robins

Interventionist, Co-Dean of Students

E: brenton.robins@dmschools.org


Mr. Robins has served as a classroom teacher at both the 4th and 6th grade levels, as well as the Assistant Principal of an elementary school. His career has also taken him to the corporate sector where he worked as an Instructional Designer in the Training and Education department of a Fortune 500 company based in Des Moines. Before accepting his current position at McKinley, Mr. Robins was Program Director with a local non-profit organization focused on bullying prevention across the state of Iowa.

Mr. Robins is thrilled to be at McKinley Elementary for his fourth year. This year, he will serve as an Interventionist, working with other teachers to make sure all McKinley students get what they need to be successful in school. He will continue to serve as the school's Co-Dean of Students with Ms. Kercheval. He's enjoying another great year at McKinley!


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And, on a personal note, my big weakness...science fiction!

Mary Simmons

ELL Teacher

E: mary.simmons@dmschools.org

Jeanette Vander Zyl

Office Manager

E: jeanette.vanderzyl@dmschools.org