Emergency Evacuation Info

In order to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for your child, McKinley Elementary School updates its safety plan each year. This includes procedures for typical drills like fire, tornado, lockdowns, etc. One of these important procedures involves the evacuation of our school.

Why would we need to evacuate?

Situations requiring a full evacuation are extremely rare. These events could include a water main break, a gas leak, a dangerous intruder or something else that makes the school an unsafe place for children and adults to be. In these types of events, when necessary and appropriate, students will be moved to a safe site.

What happens when we evacuate?

In most cases, when we need to evacuate, the playing fields on the south side of the building would be our safe site. When we’re unable to stay on school property, our safe site is Fellowship Baptist Church immediately Northeast of our school (1503 SE 6th Street). If there were an emergency that made our campus unsafe, students would be moved to the church as quickly and safely as possible.

What if a student needs to be picked up from the safe site?

If students will be dismissed from the church, they will be allowed to leave with only those who are listed on their emergency contact form turned in at the beginning of the school year. A photo ID (like a driver’s license) is required to verify the identity of anyone wanting to pick up a student from the safe site. Students will only be released to an adult who can verify their identity.

What if the school is locked down?

When the school is locked down, no one may enter or exit the building except for designated safety personnel. Students are kept safe within the walls of the school. In these situations, our safe site (Fellowship Baptist Church) is the designated meeting area where parents/guardians should wait for information and the eventual release of their child(ren) into their care.

School and District personnel will be at the safe site to provide parents with information about the status and safety of their students. Parents must not go directly to the school in the event of a lock down or evacuation. The best source of up-to-date and accurate information is available at the safe site.


If you have questions about our safety plan, please call the office at 242-8423.